The Journal Times reported on Saturday on the removal of the Karen Gunderson clouds mural from Our Savior’s Lutheran Church:

Gunderson started painting the murals in 1994 and finished the last one in 1996. The center one, consisting of four panels, was 17 feet tall and 21 feet wide. The two on the sides were each about 8 feet tall and 21 feet wide.

She retained ownership; the paintings were on loan to the church. But Our Savior has since merged with Atonement Lutheran Church, 2915 Wright Ave. There is a pending offer to buy the Our Savior building — with no offer to buy Gunderson’s paintings from her.

So, earlier this week, workers removed the cloud murals, which were rolled up and are ready for shipping to New York state, where Gunderson is trying to buy a building for a new studio.