from the May Atonement-Our Savior’s Chimes Messenger

Things are going gangbusters at the FaithWorks Food Pantry. We still have a large number of amazing volunteers, and we are welcoming more guests each and every day. (During the last full week of April, we served over 20 families on each day we were open.)

All of which means that we are both making bigger dent in the hunger problem in Racine and developing more relationships with people in our community.

WAbreadanceDuring this past month, we have also increased the number of food sources we now use to supply the pantry. In addition to food from the Racine Food Pantry, the government TEFAP program, and a number of other volunteers and organizations, we now also head up to Milwaukee every week to get food from Just One More ministry, which “rescues” food from restaurants and caterers and uses it to create frozen meals we make available to our guests. Just One More also provides us with some produce and cheese.

And just this week, we received approval to obtain food from Feeding America in Milwaukee. Using Feeding America as a food source will significantly increase the amount of food that we can inexpensively obtain. We took our first trip up this week and got over 300 pounds of food, including lots of meat, dairy products, fruits and veggies, for under $25.

Given the huge leveraging advantage in buying food from Feeding America, where many dairy products and produce are free and the rest costs on average 19¢ per pound (slightly higher for meat), we’re thinking it may make much more sense for most of us to support the pantry by giving money rather than donating food we buy at the store.

While it is fun to see all the cans and boxes piled in the front of our worship space each week, it turns out that our dollars go so much farther now that we can shop at Feeding America.