by Diane Thygeson

Change. Action. Passion. Three fairly simple words that tell the story of FaithWorks right now.
All of our FaithWorks congregations are seeing significant changes right now. Change can be challenging, it can be sad, but it can also be joyful. Sometimes change is all of these at the same time. Some of the recent changes in our FaithWorks congregations include:
• Our Savior’s appears to be close to selling their building. Offers have been made and are pending approval of financing.
• Pastor Dana O’Brien has accepted a call at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Kasson, Minnesota. Her last Sunday at Atonement West will be April 26.
• Though recently thought to be on the brink of closing, the child care center at Atonement will soon be expanding. Starting in July they will have 3-year-olds, full-day 4K, and school aged programming, running from 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
• St. Andrew is looking for ways to bring more activity to their building. They are looking to either rent, bring in an adult day care or possibly even sell.
• Emmaus and Emaús have been busy trying to find ways to sustain both ministries, with talks of possibly becoming one worshipping community with a bilingual pastor to lead them.
Members of FaithWorks have been busy the last few months working together in mission. There is truly action behind the words of the ECLA slogan “God’s work. Our hands.”
• The FaithWorks Food Pantry is up and successfully running. In the month of March, 105 families, with 285 people were fed. As more people have heard about the pantry, there have been donations coming in from new sources as well as new volunteers. We’ve even had guests come to the pantry just for fellowship!
• A Northside Neighbors group, including FaithWorks and Racine Interfaith Coalition members has been established. They are coming together to actively address issues related to the violence in certain neighborhoods. They are working on networking, building relationships and a sense of community in hopes they can address some of the emotional needs of the neighbors.
• Neighborhood Camp is gearing up for another busy summer. Camp will be held in three locations, serving approximately 240 elementary and 45 middle school aged children.
A renewed passion for mission is being felt by the members of the FaithWorks mission council. If you want to get involved with any of the FaithWorks activities, or have ideas or concerns that you’d like to share, please contact your pastor or one of the mission council representatives.