from the March Chimes Messenger

The Atonement Our Savior’s annual meeting which took place on February 15 was a departure from the past in several ways.

150123-2689atonFirst, it was a joint annual meeting. While Atonement and Our Savior’s remain two distinct congregations, we hope by the end of the year to be one; and to whatever degree that we can begin acting as one now, the better off we are.

(Obviously, we had to be a little careful about who voted for what, but in the end, that wasn’t much of a problem.)

Second, we wanted to focus the congregation on celebration of what God is accomplishing in this place, which is a lot. The coming together of our two congregations is, all by itself, not a little thing. The new FaithWorks Food Pantry has come together in an amazing way. Atonement West is an increasing success on several levels. Our Neighborhood presence is growing. Our Neighborhood Camp and God Squad are great, and the list goes on.

That said, we also wanted to be honest about the difficulties we are facing. We know our pastoral footprint will be smaller by the end of the year. We continue to struggle with our Child Care, though it has solidified into a great program. And financially, this is going to be a rough year.

People had an opportunity to talk in small groups about the blessings and the challenges that our congregations face and to suggest how we might prepare and respond to both.

In the end, we approved a deficit budget with the knowledge that we are working to change that to a neutral budget. We established a merger committee and elected members to the Endowment Fund Board, FaithWorks Mission Council, and the Synod Assembly.