A press release from Westboro Baptist Cult this week claims that the hate group plans to picket at St. Lucy’s Catholic Church during afternoon mass on Sunday, December 7, and at Horlick High School, around dismissal time on Monday, December 8.

atpole908sCounter-protests are being organized by the Combat Veterans of America Motorcycle Association, Counter Protest Westboro in Racine, and Operation Screen Out Hate. “There will be no violence or response [to] the protesters. We will create a barricade with our backs to the protesters and block our kids from viewing these lunatics. We will hold large sheets and signs telling our kids how awesome they are and play loud positive music to drown out the chants,” organizer Beth Ashton Gilmore posted on the Operation Screen Out Hate Facebook page about the counter-protest at Horlick from 2:00 to 2:40 p.m. December 8.

Interested persons should be mindful of the importance of not engaging the Westboro clan directly. One of their favored fund raising tactics is to provoke an assault, then sue for damages. (They also generate revenue through visits to their web site, so there will be no link to it here.) Contact the counter-protest organizers through the links above.