from Rev. Mary L. Janz

This morning some important votes and decisions were made. For many of us it was disappointing to learn that the motion made at St. Andrew was to stay at their current location (it passed with a vote of 39 to 17). On the other hand, Our Savior’s voted unanimously to sell their property, and Our Savior’s and Atonement had nearly a unanimous vote for the covenant to partner together.

direction712Serious questions are already being asked about how all of this will affect the future of FaithWorks. We continue in prayer as we ask “Now what?” It was made clear at our Emmaus meeting that our invitation would remain open in the event that sometime in the future St. Andrew might re-consider making the move to Emmaus. That has been communicated to Pastor Michael, and he expressed gratitude for that possibility. Should there be failure to significantly step up (Pr. Michael’s words), there could be a re-evaluation of the decision by the time of the St. Andrew annual meeting in 2015.

Emmaus and St. Andrew will worship together during the three Sundays of the Season of Creation beginning next Sunday, September 21.

The Emmaus council meets at 6:30 Tuesday (not 6:00 as stated in the bulletin), and Pr. Steve Wohlfeil has already been scheduled to open the meeting on behalf of FaithWorks. Pr. Michael indicated that he thought that the St Andrew council would still be a part of that joint meeting at Emmaus as previously planned. We will be working out details in the next couple of days.

Keep the faith! We are called to move forward…whatever shape and form that may take! We are not on the journey alone!

Pastor Mary