from November Chimes Call, Atonement Lutheran Church

As we sang “Gather Us In” on Sunday, October 27, it truly felt like a gathering of God’s people from many places. Atonement East, Our Savior’s, Atonement West. As we gathered to worship the God who brings us together in community and mission, it definitely felt like we were doing what God is calling us to do. I think we went a long way in getting to know one another and getting a feel for what worship may be like together. Many thanks go out to those who participated in the day: the Atonement West Praise Band for packing and moving all their equipment and providing energy for our service (unfortunately we won’t have them at our future joint services — but they will be doing God’s mission in Sturtevant!); Bob and Teresa Reinders for reading our scripture lessons for us; Pastor Dana for inspiring us with God’s word to perceive the new thing God is doing in our midst; Pastor Ron for helping lead our worship; the Godly Play children for leading us in prayer; Lisa Peters, Angie Olsen and Helen Zellenger who helped with the potluck organizing; all the people who brought wonderful food — it was truly a potluck! And I’m glad to see Lutherans are moving beyond tuna casserole and Jello! Also, the many people who stayed after to help do dishes and clean up; and all our worship leaders, musicians, choir, acolytes, ushers, greeter, and everyone who helped make the day one truly blessed.

“I am about to do a new thing, now it springs forth; can you not perceive it?” –Isaiah 43:19