I am pleased to report that the FaithWorks partnership continues to progress. Our FaithWorks vision team worked very hard (thank you) early in the summer to put together a comprehensive plan for the partnership. There was, perhaps, a bit of summer stumble, and things very much slowed down, but now things are back on track and I am optimistic that we will by late fall have a substantial plan to present for FaithWorks.

Dave Daubert

The ELCA has been involved in this process and it is very affirming. Dave Daubert (some of you might remember him from a retreat he did for us a few years ago) is on the national church staff, and the ELCA is providing him to us to work as a consultant on our partnership. The other big news is that FaithWorks has been given a grant of $32,000 to help move the partnership along. The grant, also given by the ELCA, requires additional information, and may be increased in the future. The ELCA has been very affirming of the partnership, and believes that FaithWorks is a leader in what will be a growing trend in the national church.

You will hear much more about FaithWorks in the coming months. The final plan is not yet created, and thus is not ready for publication. But this is incredibly important. Please keep FaithWorks in your prayers.