Art from Icon 3: Images for Every Sunday. Copyright (C) 2007 sundaysandseasons.comA week of prayer and reflection begins this Sunday for FaithWorks congregations (Emmaus, Redeemer, St. Andrew, Atonement and Our Savior’s).  All members and friends are invited to be in daily prayer, asking “What is our future together?”

We are invited to listen to God’s voice—through prayer, meditation, Scripture, and interaction with family, friends and neighbors throughout the week.  We are invited to let God use us to help imagine the church of the future here in Racine.  How do we hear and see and fulfill God’s dream for sharing the Good News with our community, making sure that no one is left out?  Only undergirded by prayer and faithful listening will we be able to hear God’s call and to follow where God will have us go.

At next weekend’s worship services there will be a time of prayer together as well as an opportunity to share vision and insights about how we are called to move forward as God’s people in mission.